Medical Disclaimer

The responsibility of the patient and compliance

I confirm and declare under penalty of perjury, that

  1. I am over 18 years old and are an adult, and honest with good sense.
  2. the laws of my Country allow me to get the treatment and/or medications that I requested. I agree to be myself responsible for my purchase in full compliance with the laws of the treatment and/or medications to be sent.
  3. The prescription and/or the medicine that I asked for your personal use. I confirm that I need a prescription for the current use of drugs, not to accumulate a supply in addition to the drugs that I already have or provide to third parties.
  4. I agree and understand that this service is intended to support, not replace, the relationship between me and my doctor or healthcare provider.
  5. I’ve done enough medical visits by a physician enrolled in the register. I also did the assessment of my own medical history by a physician enrolled in the register or by a local doctor. I confirm that this doctor is available for consultation, if necessary, and I agree to be contacted for any support or intervention follow-up in the event of complications or problems, or if I’m asked something in relation to the treatment and medicines. I am also aware of the fact that I can contact the doctor and the pharmacy that I have prescribed the drugs and, if necessary, I will send you an e-mail so that the doctor and the pharmacist I recall. I also agree that the prescribing physician, or any other appropriate representative designated by the physician, may contact me for any reason, even if I have not requested.
  6. I understand the dangers, the benefits and the possible side effects associated with prescription drugs. I have a detailed explanation of this on the part of health professionals, independent and adequately trained. I also read information both written and online on prescription drugs and treatments available, including several independent web sites and links containing material limited.
  7. I explain that I could have used the drugs and the treatments I have previously requested, and that the previous use in that case it was safe and without side effects. I explain that the previous operation took place under the supervision of a medical doctor, eventually I consulted the medical examiner to ensure that the drugs are not contraindicated for me and that they are suitable to my medical needs and physical.
  8. When submitting this request and all that it entails, I need a physician to act as an assistant to my doctors or local doctors. Under no circumstances do I wish for this physician to act as a substitute for my own doctor.
  9. I agree to immediately consult with a licensed doctor or my doctor about the medical procedures needed in the event of complications or side effects, is derived from the use of the drug in a second time.
  10. I agree not to take any other medicines without the prior approval of a pharmacist or doctor. I agree that I will provide you with a complete list of the medications that I am taking, including those required on this site. I agree to ensure complete transparency and I accept that this is my responsibility.
  11. I promise that I will monitor my blood pressure and I’m at least every seven (7) days. If my blood pressure is higher than 140/90 (is that the top number is greater than 140 is that the bottom number is greater than 90), I’ll stop immediately taking the medicine and contact my doctor without waiting unnecessarily.
  12. I confirm that I have answered and will answer all the questions truthfully and to the best of my ability, as I would have done if I had personally met with a licensed physician. I understand that full disclosure is absolutely necessary to ensure my safety and that I will, without exception, and in every moment, I will be completely open.
  13. A further confirmation of the above, I have shared all the information in their entirety, on my health and about my medical history, that are relevant to my request for drugs. I have not omitted or misrepresented any information that is relevant in any way.
  14. I am fully aware that there are risks and benefits associated with the use of any medicine or treatment. I have been informed of the possible side effects, risks and benefits of this medication, and this was confirmed independently by a physician. I confirm once again that I was recently subjected to a medical examination in relation to my physical condition, and medical. During the doctor’s visit, I have provided enough information, as I would have done if the consultation had taken place face-to-face at the doctor’s office.
  15. I have not been persuaded or forced to take treatments and/or medicines, or any other treatment that I have or that I could ask for, and I can confirm that this is made of my own free will and it is my choice.
  16. I have the right to use the credit card or other debit card used to pay for the treatment or care if my application is approved and processed. If the use of the card is not available to you in my name, I confirm that I am the owner, or the authorised signatory and have the authority to use the card.
  17. I agree that, by continuing with this request, and by willingly accepting the above, give my irrevocable consent to be bound by the terms set forth herein.